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Indoor Range
Indoor pistol range open to the public
Training Center
We have classroom facilities and a full curriculum
Gun Store
Visit our gun store for great selection and amazing prices
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Welcome to Norpoint Shooting Center


We would like to thank all of our loyal customers who have been patient with us during our remodel/repairs.  We hope that we will meet or exceed all of your expectations for a comfortable, safe, and fun shooting range that meets all of your shooting needs. By way of background, in November 2013, two shooters brought incendiary ammunition into the range which started a fire.  This is the reason that we check everybody’s ammunition.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but a simple mistake at a shooting range can have disastrous consequences.  The shooters that brought in unauthorized ammunition caused over two million dollars in damage.  Thankfully nobody was hurt, but violating our safety rules could have hurt people, and for that reason we will never apologize for offering corrective advice to any of our patrons if we see something that has the potential to cause injuries. We installed temporary backstops to allow you to shoot while we are waiting for the permanent backstops to arrive from our contractor in Georgia.  They have been on order since November of 2014, and we believe that we are close to getting the brand new backstops installed. Until the permanent backstops arrive, and we have them inspected, we would like to limit our patrons to adults, age 18 years and older. We have been holding off scheduling our popular training classes until we have a firm date when the permanent backstops will be installed.  When we know that date, our new web site will open up the option for registering for all of our classes.  Our classes have been updated for 2015 and we are adding some new and exciting course offerings. As a token of our appreciation to our members, you will have your membership privileges while we are waiting on the temporary backstops, but the time on your membership will not begin to run until the permanent backstops are finally installed. When the permanent backstops arrives, there may be a temporary interruption in service (i.e. your ability to shoot…the shop will stay open) while they are being installed.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.  We encourage you to check our Facebook page for the latest news on this issue, or call before coming down to verify that we are not in the process of installing the new backstops.  We do not anticipate any interruption in service to last longer than one week, and we will do everything in our power to limit your inconvenience. Thank you again for your support.  We appreciate you trusting us to provide you with the best indoor shooting experience possible.                                                                                                            

Shooting Range

The center piece of Norpoint Shooting Center is our range. We have two pistol bays and one rifle range. Each bay has six stations. We allow a wide range of pistol and rifle calibers. Please check with the staff for more information.


The Norpoint Shooting Center is also a training and education center. We have dedicated classrooms and staff of both range and classroom instructors. Our classes focus on many topics from the basics to self defense law.

Gun Store

Looking for a new self defense pistol? A new hunting rifle? Whatever you need, our fully stocked, full service gun store has whatever you need. From accessories to ammunition to a large stock of handguns and rifles, we have what you need.

Social Media

This website is integrated with social media. We are active on Facebook and Youtube and we are expanding with Instagram, Twitter, and more. Take a minute to connect with us on your favorite social media site. Stay connected with Norpoint.

Contact Us

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